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You don’t *have* to or *need* to reblog this, I hate those kind of posts too, but if you at least read this that would be lovely of you. I want to tell people about my Gran. I want people to see how amazing she is before she passes away.

This is my Gran, she is a fucking fighter and an amazing woman. She’s the kindest person you could ever meet. She’s courageous and brave, when she was 64 she went on the Pepsi max big one! She has no fears! In 2009 she was diagnosed with squamous cellular skin cancer. Since then she’s battled this horrible disease without any sign of giving up! By the end of last year things got a lot worse though, she had to stay at my house for a lengthy time due to her being unable to do certain tasks. About a week ago she was put into hospital yet again, she’s pretty pissed about that since she’s as independent as she is. The doctors told us heartbreaking news, the cancer has spread to her brain and she has less than weeks left. We were told this news over a week ago. In one week, june 3rd to be exact, it will be her 78th birthday, Myself and my full family are praying she gets to celebrate it. 

I’ve known this woman all my life. I remember her as the gran that would give me shortbread every visit, and I’ll always remember her as a fighter.

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